The Hedinn Protein Plant


The Hedinn Protein Plant (HPP) is a groundbreaking approach to turning fish offal, guts, trimmings, shrimp waste and whole fish into fishmeal and fish oil. The Hedinn Protein Plant is a fully transportable turnkey plant for protein production. The HPP is available in three size configurations, with a 24-hour capacity respectively of 7, 25 and 50 tons of raw material. The plant is ready to be transported in standard sized shipping containers. Plant installation is basically a plug and- play operation, requiring a short time for setup. The plant runs on electricity and steam, providing for a clean, efficient and highly adjustable operation.
    Key benefits:
                · Engineered for maximum energy efficiency.
                · Fully automated operation.
                · Remote observation of plant status.            
                · Automatic shutdown in event of failure.
                · Service interruption notifications by e-mail and text message.
                · Powered by steam and electricity.
                · Smallest plant version (HPP-300) optionally powered solely by electricity.
                · Pre-assembled and tested before delivery.

                                 HPP300 Brochure        Fishmeal Plant Video

Héðinn Protein Plant




Fish meal containing 65-75% protein, hourly output*

45-60 kg

150-200 kg

300-400 kg

Fish meal 24-hour output

1.1-1.5 t

3.6-4.8 t

7.2-9.6 t

Fish oil production, hourly output**

3-30 kg

10-100 kg

20-200 kg

Fish oil 24-hour output

72-720 kg

240-2400 kg

480-4800 kg